Anae Stork
Height 100-125 cm (30-40 in.)
Weight 1.4-3.6 kg (3-8 lbs)
Danger Low
Habitat Marshy wetlands, swamps
General Stats

General DescriptionEdit

A graceful, long-legged bird, the Anae Stork is often found in starkly elegant poses, balanced on one or both of the aforementioned lengthy appendages. Its top coat of feathers is mostly a pristine white, tending towards pastel yellow at the tips, slightly dirtier yellows underneath. Bright green eyes prove a vivid contrast to that coloration, though in its verdant habitats, they remain one of the few parts of the bird that resemble camouflage.

Its long, slightly curved beak is excellent for stabbing fish through the waters or scooping them up, especially when combined with the propelling power of its equally long neck. Everything about this bird, in fact, gives that impression of length- but its stalking movements are not clumsy all the same.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A three-foot-tall bird with a curved yellow beak, long neck, green eyes and white and yellow feathers.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

The Anae Stork is usually found in areas where it can access marshy wetlands, although it's fonder of areas close to human habitation than many other kinds of birds.

General BehaviorEdit

The Anae Stork is a non-aggressive, peaceful animal that will much rather run than fight, unless its nest is threatened. The Anae Stork is also known for being a curiously quiet animal, almost silent in flight- it's for this reason, combined with their pale coloration, that some suspicious farmers call them 'ghost birds'.

Relevant StatsEdit

If somehow managed to be prodded into an agressive action, the bird is generally Poor, rolling a Fair to dodge attack.

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